Our Favourite Swimming Moments

We ask our team about their favourite times in the water:

All of our coaches have been swimming for years and within that time each of them have their own favourite moments that they still hold dear.

Some of our coaches have chosen memories from the last couple of years, moments when their hard work and perseverance as coaches has been rewarded, whilst others have chosen to look further back into their own days as students and competitors.

Here are our coaches’ favourite swimming moments, here’s hoping there’s be plenty more to come in the future:

Kennedy’s First Diving Competition

“My first diving competition was one that was absolutely fraught with nervy panic. The pressure you feel stepping onto a diving board for the first time in a competitive arena is something that simply can’t be emulated in a practice session and although my coach had tried his best to prepare me for it, I was still a hopeless bag of nerves by the time I’d climbed my way up.

I can still picture the board in front of me now, with the PA announcing my name and the line of judges sat just to the side of the pool, ready to judge me. I remember closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and just going for it. I didn’t win that day, but the exhilaration that I felt competing for the first time cemented my ambitions to purse diving as a career.”

Edan’s Struggle with Breast Stroke

“As many of you might be aware, I was a late bloomer when it comes to swimming. In fact, I didn’t start swimming until I was 12-years old! I was more than a little apprehensive when I first started swimming journey, but it was one particular style that I had the most issues with.

Breast stroke is widely regarded as one of theĀ easiest styles to learn, but as a latecomer to swimming I found it the most exhausting and frightening. Whenever I attempted an entire length I would find my arms giving out and my head would start sinking beneath the surface. My proudest moment as a learner was mastering that style – today it’s my favourite one!”

Nimrah the Proud Mum

“It’s safe to say that my kids are truly my world. Tali, Vikram and Hope (4, 6 and 8 respectively) have given me many opportunities to be proud over the years, but a definite highlight has to be at last year’s Swimathon. After doing such a great job of raising money for their local charities, my kids swam tirelessly that day with little Tali even pitching in with a huge 50m stint in the long course pool. My favourite moment of that day has to be at the culmination of that day, when the last few swimmers were completing their final lengths my kids were all sat on the sidelines cheering their team mates along as if their lives depended on it. I couldn’t have been prouder of them that day.”