New Pool Cover Installed and Diving Returns!

In this month’s news:

We tighten up our safety protocols, add another diving class to our schedule and Nimrah talks us through getting past the fear of water.

Nimrah’s tips for parents of water-shy kids

Swimming can be a real challenge for some kids. Whether they’ve been traumatised whilst in the water as a youngster or they’ve simply developed a dislike to getting in the pool, it can be hard to motivate kids to get past their misgivings. For the last three years, our specialist coach Nimrah has been helping kids from the ages of 2-5 overcome their water phobias and develop their swimming skills:

“For many children the barrier to improving their swimming is simply a matter of confidence. My own kids have struggled with swimming out of their depth, so I’m well aware of how tricky it can be to get kids to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. I’ve found that the best route for parents to take is to challenge their kids whenever possible (in a safe setting of course) and reward them for their bravery. It’s only by giving them the chance to challenge their fears that they can build the confidence required for them to become strong swimmers.”

Get in touch with Nimrah if you’ve got any more queries about building your child’s confidence in the water.

Tightening of safety after accident

After a handful of recent trips and slips, we’ve decided to tighten up our health and safety measures. Although most parents worry more about their children when they’re in the water, in the truth the most accidents happen outside of the pool. We’ve always asked our students to remain vigilant when walking around the pool’s edge, but sometimes excitement can get the better of the kids and slips occur.

In response to the recent spate of injuries we’re going to be asking all pool users (including coaches and parents) to bring non-slip wet shoes with them to cut down on these accidents. We understand that this might seem a little over the top, but we have to ensure that the safety of everyone is our top priority in order for us to continue. In addition to this we’ve successfully lobbied the pool managers to install a new swimming pool cover that should go some way to safe-guarding before and after races.

Kennedy takes on new class of divers

It seems like the success of Team GB at the recent Gold Coast Worlds has worn off on the kids of the North! Since Tom Daley took yet another gold medal (this time in the 10m Synchronised dive) we’ve been inundated with new recruits to our diving lessons. These 6-week courses have been in such high demand that our diving coach Kennedy has added another class to her schedule to accommodate the crowds of eager divers!

“It’s so wonderful to see a renewed interest in diving and it’s great to see so many young ones being inspired by Team GB – Tom would surely be happy to about this! There was a time when I was worried that enthusiasm for the sport was dying out, but with this new influx of young divers it looks like I was wrong. I can’t wait to get started with these new learners and see what they can do!”