Making Swimming More Affordable

How to improve your performance (and save some money!)

Although there are certainly other sports that are far more costly (we’re looking at you Polo!), the truth is that swimming is a time consuming discipline that takes hundreds of hours of dedication to improve at.

Many of our students have the commitment to improve their swimming skills, but don’t think they have the money to make the progress that they want. Here at the NDCASA we try our very hardest to keep our tuition costs low, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible, especially when the prices of hiring lanes at swimming pools across the country continue to rise each year. With this in mind we’ve put together a series of tips that should go a long way to helping our students make the most of their money and get the kind of results that they’ve been dreaming of.

The following tips are intended as a guide only, if you’d like to find out more about improving your performance then please feel free to get in touch with us using the Contact page:

Train early in the morning

If you’re a busy person with a job and places to go, then making time to train can be difficult. Whilst it might be tempting to leave your swimming training to the weekend or the hours after work, in reality it’s a smarter play to head to the pool before work.

Most swimming pools schedule Early Bird sessions in the morning that offer you the chance of making use of the pool whilst it’s quieter – usually at a cut rate price.

Fuel yourself up for less

You are what you eat – but that doesn’t have to mean that your cheap diet can’t be nutritious! As with many things in life, a little preparation goes a long way and the same can be said about nutrition.

Whilst some swimmers might swear by their protein formulas and glucose sachets, in reality these are shortcuts to getting the nutrition you need. If you plan ahead and buy your ingredients in bulk you can load yourself up with the nutrients that you need to perform without burning a hole in your pocket.

Buy end of line swimming gear

Most of our swimmers like to buy new gear at the start of each season. For some this is a ritual that should be respected, regardless of the cost, but for many of our students it’s simply not affordable.

Understandably no one wants to buy a used swimming costume, so thankfully there are alternative methods of getting hold of new swimming gear that won’t break the bank. Buying end of line stock like wholesale nike trainers from sports wholesalers is a great way of getting hold of new equipment at a cut price and whilst you might be wearing last year’s gear the difference in performance will be negligible.

Exercise for free!

Training in the pool is obviously crucial to improving your performance but you can save money by taking your training outside instead. Jogging around your local area is absolutely free and will serve to give your body the variation that it needs to strengthen for your next pool session.

Similarly, investing in weights and other low-cost home gym equipment will allow you to keep your exercise varied and your body primed for performance.