Plans For New Pool Are Submitted!

Planning office here we come!

After a successful period of funding we’ve managed to take our swimming pool to the next phase of development.

It’s been a long time coming but we’re proud to announce that, with the aid of our dedicated swimmers, supporters, and various funders we’ve been able to pull together enough money to get our swimming pool project the next phase of development. Although swimming is not the most talked about sport in the country, we’ve been overwhelmed by how much cooperation we’ve been able to get from the local community.

Whether it’s been the much appreciated contributions taken from the bake sale or the sponsored Swimathon held in July, the continued support for our association has ensured that our project has maintained momentum and has led to us being where we are today – we are truly thankful to all those who have helped us so far.

Thanks to the recent surveys undertaken by friends of the Association, Jean and Andy, we’ve been able to draw up a professional planning document showing how our proposed pool will be constructed and how it will fit into the surrounding area. We really wanted to stress how much this pool would be able to give to the local community besides simply providing us with a better place to teach our students. Swimming pools are fantastic meeting places for families and youngsters alike, we’re hoping that our proposed pool will serve as a hub for people in the towns nearby and be a place for those people to hone their swimming skills, so they can get some exercise and improve!

Now that we’re moving closer to our goal we can start to talk to building suppliers and construction experts about costs, that means taking a real look at where we’re going to source every single piece of what will be the home of NDCASA for the foreseeable future. Although it might sound counter-intuitive we’re looking to source many of the key parts of our building from outside of the local community. Thanks to our large network of contacts through the UK we’ve been able to call in a number of favours so that we can get many of the components for this new build for a relatively small sum.

An ex-coach from over ten years ago was quick to contact us when we distributed news about the planned pool, he’s been fitting windows in Liverpool for the last 10 years and has been kind enough to offer us a great deal on double glazing which should go a long way to bring lots light into the pool area offering spectators from the outside a chance to see what we’re all about. Tiles for our changing rooms are going to be sourced from Germany and we’re getting a diving board in from friends in America which we’re all very excited to see our diving coach Kennedy Howarth test out.

We’ve still got a long way to wait until our pool is completed but we’re all much more optimistic now that we’re moving forward.