Oven Cleaning For NDCASA

We’re into the final phase of funding for our brand new swimming pool and we’re looking for one last push from our fundraisers to push us over the finish line.

For the last year or so we’ve been diligently pinching pennies, holding fundraising events and raising awareness for our cause so that we can move forward with our plans to build our own dedicated swimming pool. Our community-focused pool would put swim education first and seek to get more people from the local community active and (most importantly) in the water! There’s nothing we love more than sharing our passion for swimming with new people, young and old, and we believe that a purpose-built swimming pool is the best way to achieve this.

Recently, we were able to get our designs confirmed and approved for the new building from the local council, however we are still very much in need of funds if we can hope to buy the land that we have our eye on. Thanks to a team of local oven cleaners we’ve struck upon a new way to raise some money and it involves our swim instructors getting their hands dirty!

The oven is one part of the house that rarely gets much attention from home-makers. It gets used pretty much every day, but we’re often quick to shut the door as soon as we’re done using it, not wanting to see how messy it has become over the years. The grime and grease from years of use can easily accumulate until the spaces that we cook our food in becomes much dirtier than any of us are willing to admit! We’ve teamed up with our local oven cleaners to organise a sponsored oven-cleaning drive that should motivate folks to take a look inside their ovens and (hopefully) give us the opportunity to pile up a few more pennies.

All of our swim instructors will be lending a hand and pitching in for the next couple of weekends. They’ll be working in conjunction with the best oven cleaners in the area to scrub, soak and clean as many ovens as possible and our partners have kindly offered to donate half the proceeds from all their takings to our cause. Each oven cleaning takes around 1-2 hours to complete, but we’re hoping that with our swimming instructors on hand, the process will be much quicker and we’ll be able to reap the rewards of many clean ovens!

After the next few weekends we’re hoping to be within spitting distance of our target and we should be in a good position to put an offer in for the land. Once we’ve purchased the land we’ll be able to move forward with the logistics of getting the building constructed. The build itself will likely take at least a year to complete, so we’re not expecting to have our inaugural swim until late 2021 at the earliest.

At this vital stage we have to thank all of the people that have contributed to the cause, as well as all our wonderful swimmers who have been with NDCASA from the very beginning!