May’s Swimming Update

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Northern District Community Association of Swimming Athletes!

We’ve got some wonderful news to share with you this month, including a new addition to our coaching team, some great progress made by one of our young students and an exciting announcement regarding an upcoming competition.

We welcome Edan Stark to the team!

After successfully passing his coaching qualifications towards the end of 2017, Edan has made the transition from adult student to coach!

Edan first came to us for some advanced technique training in 2015. Having only started swimming at the age of 12 he’d come on leaps and bounds, despite his late start and was looking to fine-tune his technique so that the could perform even better. After a year training with us, he’d picked up a new bag of tricks that had greatly improved his times, he also picked up a taste for coaching which has led him to joining our team for this season.

Lucinda breaks down her swimming diet

Many of our competitive swimmers ask us for advice regarding their diets, so we thought we’d ask our resident-pro Lucinda Cortez about what she eats before an important race meet and during her training sessions.

“An athlete’s diet will vary greatly depending on the amount of activity that they’re doing, their own weight and their goals. It’s difficult for me to offer a cover all meal plan that is guaranteed to fuel your body and boost your performance, but what I can do is point you in the direction of the kind of foods you should be eating and when.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you should avoid food high in fats if you’re hoping to trim down your times. Chips and burgers won’t help you attain the lean, powerful body you need to perform better. Instead, you should opt for meals that are 50% complex carbs and 50% muscle-repairing protein. Think: lean chicken breasts, egg whites, broccoli and brown rice.

If you’re training regularly then you should consider changing your meals from the large meals to four or five smaller ones, this will give you a steady nutrient release throughout your training session and also reduce the chance of you feeling sluggish. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate before and after training sessions, just because you’re in the water doesn’t mean that you’re not sweating!”

Jameel finally nails the breaststroke

As many of our students know, our annual Swimathon is coming up in July. The Swimathon is a chance for all of our students to show off what they’ve learnt over the past year, it’s also a charity event that helps raise money for a whole raft of charities in our local area. We’re looking forward to see everyone pitching in together in what should be one of our biggest events and now is certainly the time to think about finding sponsors for your chosen distance.

One young man who’s already off to a flying start is Jameel. Abdallah’s given us some great feedback regarding how far Jameel’s progressed in the last year and we can’t wait to see him cover a kilometre with his newly mastered breaststroke!