June’s Swimming Update

It’s been a hectic month for us here at the NDCASA!

We’re slowly moving forward with our plans to get our own pool built, our students have been busy selling cakes and there’s been the sound of tiny feet poolside…

Fundraising begins for new pool

For a long time now we’ve been planning on getting a pool of our own to train in, understandably it’s taken us a while to get the gears in motion. Abdallah and I have run the Northern District Community Association of Swimming Athletes for the last decade and in that time we’ve held all of our classes at local swimming pools in the region. For a long time we’ve been able to hire one or two lanes at a time, covering the costs with membership and lesson fees, however it looks like we might soon have the funds in place to change this.

Building and operating our own pool will be a huge step forward for our Association, which will bring a host of new challenges and tasks for Abdallah and I to tackle, something we’re both really looking forward to. Before we can move forward with any formal steps, it’s important that we find the right location for our pool. Luckily for us we have the aid of two surveyors, whose son has been one of our students for the past two years, Jean and Andy have been on hand with their digital level to advise about the best place to put our new pool, with their aid we’ll hopefully make the right decision when the time comes to it.

Charity bake sale a roaring success!

3 hours and just over 80 cakes (that’s right, 80!) later and our students (and their parents) have done us proud once more! Every year we hold a charity bake sale designed to raise awareness for a charity that’s close to our hearts, our students are asked to bake something and we take our wares out into the streets to see what we can sell. This year’s event was a rip-roaring success with all of our cakes being sold and just over £175 being raised in total – a great result and something that we can all be proud of.

Abdallah’s new arrival…

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that Abdallah’s wife Marnie has given birth to their first son! After months of anticipation Abdallah can finally rest easy knowing that both Mum and baby are safe and sound.

Abdalla will be taking a fortnight’s paternity leave in order to support his wife and get to know his son. We’re sure that it won’t be long until we see the little man splashing around in the shallow end…

You can send your congratulations to the happy family through our Talk to Us page and if you have any questions about how your lessons might be affected then please do ask.