July’s Swimming Update: Swimathon Special

Congratulations to all who took part!

Our 2018 Swimathon has gone without a hitch once more…

Each year we hold a Swimathon to celebrate the successes of our students and appreciate just how far the last year of training has taken them. Our Swimming Association is only small but we’re incredibly proud of the work that is achieved by our students who work tirelessly to improve their form. Like any other sport, improvement in swimming doesn’t just happen over night. Although our instructors might notice minor improvements over the course of a few months it’s much easier to see how far a student has come when we compare their performance on a year to year basis.

As always we kicked things off with the youngest of our students competing against each other. Every year we take a handful of youngsters on and it’s often these 5-6 year olds that make the most visible signs of improvement. It might be hard for us old ones to remember but we make the speediest improvement when we’re at this stage of infancy. Our bodies are getting stronger by the day, they’re also at their most supple and our minds (although easily distracted!) are much better at taking on new concepts.

The youngsters’ mixed freestyle class was a real competition this year with each participant giving their all and showing how much they’d improved this year. The race started with Abbie leading the charge, her favourite style is the butterfly and she showed how well she’s nailed the coordination of that particular movement. She held the lead for the first length whilst the other racers held back. After a successful flip turn it was Abdul’s turn to impress showing his competitors and the onlooking crowd just how far he’s improved over the last year, his breast stroke saw him take the lead but he wasn’t to take the top spot. Little Jamie, who struggled so much at the start of this academic year, came through at the end to best them all with a flurry of a front crawl making it a real showstopper of a victory!

After our students had finished competing it was time for the traditional teacher showdown! For years the top prize has gone to Kennedy Howarth, but with the arrival of Edan Stark it was anyone’s guess who would grab victory. Despite a shaky start, it was Abdallah Lowry who eventually took first place after successfully utilising his trademark corkscrew swimming style to best his fellow teachers.

This year we managed to raise a record £221.11 to go towards the construction of our new pool – an ongoing fundraising project that we are aiming to have completed by 2020. A dedicated pool for our students to train in would be a real boon to the association, giving our staff the freedom to be able to coach individuals as well as groups. At the moment we have a deal with a variety of local pools which provides us with just enough lanes to keep our classes going but we would be much less limited with access to our own pool.

This year’s Swimathon brings us another vital step closer to reaching our goal.